Thank you for choosing Rising River as your place to stay

The owners and camp hosts at Rising River would like to thank everyone that has chosen Rising River as their place to stay, relax, and enjoy.

As new owners, we are very excited and pleased being able to run our family owned small RV park.  With having been to different RV parks and campgrounds through out the years, and having been long time successful business owners, we have been able to establish a clear vision of bringing the best possible RV park to Roseburg, OR.

We have installed various upgrades to our park that we think everyone will enjoy, including upgrades to our laundry room, updated Wi-Fi service, security features, and we will keep adding each month.  Please keep checking back with us to see all new upgrades we are installing as there are many more on their way.

Again, we are truly appreciative of the warm welcome we have received as the new owners and we want to make sure that all guests know that if they have any concerns to please come to us with any questions.




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