Wildlife Safari

Escape on a wild African Safari, and get up close with over 600 animals.

About the Park

Wildlife Safari, located in Winston, Oregon, is a 600-acre home to over 500 animals from Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Visitors are able to drive along the 4.5-mile trek thru the park to see a variety of large and small animals.

Wildlife Safari, which opened in 1972, was started by Frank Hart. He wanted to create a place dedicated to saving and protecting endangered species from around the world. His vision is carried on, today, with the park now being a non-profit organization overseen by the Safari Game Search Foundation and accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

What to Expect

At the park, you'll be able to get up close and personal with a variety of animals, including ostrich, giraffe, and zebra. Or take the opportunity to watch rhinos and African elephants in a natural habitat. And don't forget about our lions, Sumatran Tigers, and amazing cheetahs. (Wildlife Safari is one of the top cheetah breeding research centers in the world. Actually, it is the top such facility outside of Africa.) Drive through hours are currently 8 AM through 6 PM, so you can visit whenever it's convenient for you.

The park also includes a gift shop, the Safari Grill, and a narrow gage railroad, allowng with beautiful gardens, a unique petting zoo, and an event center (the White Rhino Event Center).

You can also become a member of Wildlife Safari. For $120/year, you'll be able to help us spread the message of wildlife conservation, and receive unlimited drive-through admission to the park.

Need more information? Call or email, today! We'll be glad to answer all your questions. 1790 Safari Road, Winston, Oregon 97496. Phone: (541) 679-6761 | Email: guestservices@wildlifesafari.net.